Model Scheduling Optimization Workforce Management Marketing


This research focuses on completing workforce management marketing scheduling using genetic metaheuristic methods. Optimal scheduling to determine the duration of a job, the quality of employees, and meet the challenges to increase work scheduling targets according to marketing employee skills by maximizing operational time while providing satisfactory services to customers. Marketing employees increasingly rely on the right time to connect with their customers. The problem in this study considers marketing skills and activities to carry out work activities, namely promotion, follow-up, and stand-by in the office with the limitations of the existing workforce. This problem has the nature of NP-Hard so a quick solution requires the use of metaheuristic methods. The metaheuristic method was built in 11 constraints. The results show that the genetic metaheuristic method is capable of producing far better results. Therefore, employee scheduling is very important. This study aims to develop an optimization model for employee scheduling and to maximize operational time work. With this model, it is expected to achieve optimal scheduling for marketing management workforce.

Bagaimana Mengutip
Rahardja, U., andriyani, fitri, & Triyono, T. (2020). Model Scheduling Optimization Workforce Management Marketing. Aptisi Transactions on Management (ATM), 4(2), 92-100.